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Empowering Athletes To Overcome Adversity And Distractions 
So They Can Win In Sports And Life.

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After hearing Taurus speak to a group of athletes, this is what NBA legend Scottie Pippen had to say:

Taurus Montgomery _ Scottie Pippen

"Taurus Montgomery is very inspirational.
His message can change lives."

MEET Taurus

AS A FORMER TWO-SPORT ATHLETE, TAURUS WAS trapped in a lifestyle of crime, fast money, and drug abuse from the age of 12 to 19. This led to low-academic performance, wasted athletic opportunities, and poor decision-making. His life took a positive turn after one tragic night helped him discover his purpose. Taurus entered college on academic probation with a 1.9 GPA. But graduated with a 3.5! He has since, earned his master’s degree, and is currently a doctoral student at Duke University. Today Taurus passionately shares his inspiring story with athletes, coaches, and organizations that want to live, work, and play fired up!




Voted Southwest Michigan 40 Under 40

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author 4 Published Books

Traveled Over 90,000 Miles Worldwide 

26,000 Hours Collegiate Community Service 

Raised Over $2 Million Dollars for Charity

Senior Pastor 10+ Years  

12 Years Happily Married 

Proud Father Of Three

Certified Speaker & Execution Coach by

Eric Thomas & Associates

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THE journeY  

Known for his speed, quickness, and agility on the football field and his crossover and jump shot on the basketball court, Taurus had the athletic skills to play at a high level. But he lacked the mindset to maximize his skillset. That all changed after the night his house caught on fire with his family sleeping inside. As your athletes and coaches hear the details of the journey, they will be inspired and challenged to elevate their game and even beyond the game.

Watch Taurus' Nike Commercial Feature


mindset development for student-athletes

Get The Most Comprehensive Mindset Development Program for Today’s Student-Athlete 


Every coach knows that 90% of the game is mental. However, some  coaches just focus on Xs and Os. This program is for coaches who are serious about developing their players’ attitude, mental toughness, and resilience so they building a winning culture that helps players stay focused and succeed in sports, school, and life! 


Unlock Your Potential With Life-Changing Content


The right information leads to transformation. To live fired up you have to stay fueled up. Whether you're trying to develop your mindset, grow your faith, build your confidence, improve your relationships, make better grades, launch your business/nonprofit, or get motivation, you can access individual courses. 



set on fire 



Set On Fire is an inspiring and thrilling autobiography that will ignite young men and women to live life to the fullest. Taurus details his journey from growing up in unfavorable circumstances, how he failed and ultimately made it through. This book is a great resource for youth, young adults, educators, parents, coaches, mentors, pastors, and anyone with a desire to push the next generation towards their destiny.

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DID YOU KNOW that 3,722 athletes have been arrested since 2010?!?!?! That's more than one athelte getting arrested every single day every year for the past eight years!!!


This book contains the key to helping student-athletes stay out of trouble so they can succeed in school, sports, and life. 


Many talented student-athletes enter college lacking the essential character and leadership qualities to succeed at the collegiate level. Too often this has led to risky behavior on and off the field, sexual assault charges, criminal activities, academic dishonesty, and NCAA Rule Violations. Un-Arrested was written for coaches, athletic directors, and parents, who want to help their student-athletes maximize their educational and athletic opportunity so they can be positive role models and make an impact in the world.

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One Quote A Day Can Keep Frustration Away!

Coaching can be stressful at times. This book of powerful quotes is designed to inspire you and keep your fire for coaching burning in your soul! You are making a huge difference in the lives of your student-athletes. I understand the task can be draining. This is why I've compiled a list of 365 words of wisdoms from some of the greatest coaches to ever do it. Nick Saban, Dean Smith, Vince Lombardi, Pat Summit, and the likes. You will also find quotes from some of the greatest athletes like Michael Jordan, Micky Mantle, Willie Mays, Jackie Joyner Kersee, and so many more. There are also uplifting remarks from the greats outside of the sports industry, yet their life lessons can be applied. 



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