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Coach Taurus has crafted his talks and presentations with a mission to empower student-athletes. The goal is to equip them to have integrity, value their teammates, respect authority, avoid violence, drugs, and other risky behaviors that can delay or destroy their opportunities for maximum athletic and academic success. The following messages are designed to assist coaches and athletic programs in their efforts to produce young men and women who will make a positive powerful impact in society.


Beat The Trap is our flagship mindset and character development curriculum. It empowers student-athletes to be upstanding leaders on and off the field by giving them tools and strategies to avoid distractions, prioritize their time, discover their purpose, become great teammates, value and maximize their opportunities, prepare for life after sports, and so much more. 



From seventh-grade until his freshman year in college, Taurus had a problem with substance abuse. Being clean for over 16 years, he now speaks passionately to students on why and how to avoid substance abuse, and its negative impact on their long-term success. Stay In Bounds also addresses the issue of sexual assault, date rape, and domestic violence. These presentations give athletes what they need to know to prevent engaging in risky behavior.


Accepted on academic probation due to his 1.9 GPA, Taurus knows what it’s like to start behind. Nevertheless, he graduated college with a 3.5 GPA. Many student-athletes fail to connect the relationship between academics and life, beyond simply remaining eligible to play. Taurus has a way of helping them make the connection so that students take personal responsibility for their academic success with increased effort.


The most influential students at any given school are usually the student-athletes. Some use their influence for good, while others use it negatively. Taurus draws from his research and personal experience as an influential student-athlete to help your athletes use their influence to positively lead their peers, elevate school culture, and impact their community.


Trying to juggle classes, practices, games, traveling, and a social life is a real struggle for many student-athletes. Run The Clock was created to help them juggle the struggle with time management principles and tips to take control of their twenty-four hours. 


It still takes teamwork to make a dream work. These messages are designed to help coaches understand the problems behind underperforming players, assess their coaching approach to players, and what to do to create a culture of team unity to elevate their team’s effort.


Coaches need encouragement and inspiration as well. This book was created for that purpose—to provide coaches and athletic administrators with the motivation they need to keep pouring into the lives of the next generation.

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