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Taurus Montgomery

Taurus is familiar with the struggles and challenges facing student-athletes today.


From age 12 to 19, he was trapped in a lifestyle of crime, fast money, and drug abuse. This led to bad decision-making, low academic performance, and wasted athletic opportunities. His life took a positive turn when one terrible night of devastation changed his destination. He has since traveled the world sharing his inspiring story detailed in his autobiography book Set On Fire. Nationally, he has toured to over 20 states and over 50 schools, touching thousands of students and student-athletes’ lives; and internationally to Zambia, Ethiopia, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Guyana and several other countries. In the process, Taurus completed his bachelor’s degree from the HBCU Oakwood University and a Masters’ degree from Andrews University, respectively. Having triumphed over the adversities of growing up in the ‘hood, Taurus is uniquely equipped to ignite this generation of athletes to master their mindset, skillset, and leadership to achieve maximum success in school, sports, and life!

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Yet Determined

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To Empower Others


Talented But Distracted

Taurus is a professional and certified motivational speaker. The passion to see student-athletes reach their greatest potential in the face of their greatest obstacles is what drives Taurus. His personal journey through high school and college inspires hope. Being the first of his mother’s children to graduate from college, being accepted into college under academic probation, and yet graduating in the top of his class, is a testament to the difference that effort and determination can make in one’s path towards success.


What many coaches and educators find amazing about Taurus’ academic journey is his experience in service-learning. Throughout his collegiate studies, Taurus volunteered over 26,000 community service hours in disaster relief, tutoring inner-city kids, community organizing, feeding the homeless, and conducting basketball block parties as a way of boosting community moral. He believes that getting student-athletes to engage in volunteering during their academic years will prepare them to become future servant leaders on the world stage. Volunteering also provides student-athletes with the opportunity to make a tangible difference in their neighborhood, practice good citizenship, and grow in life lessons that can only be learned outside the classroom or the locker room.


Since your goal is to help your athletes reach their greatest potential so they can achieve maximum success in school and life, let Taurus assist you in accomplishing your mission. His talks and his curriculum are designed to set your athletes on fire to succeed in school, sports, and life.


Taurus is also a family man. He is happily married with three amazing children. 

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