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Set On Fire is an inspiring and thrilling true story. It is a story of Devastation and Destiny. A story of Pain and Purpose. Of Lust and Love. Anger and Forgiveness. Hurt and Humor. Good verses Evil. Failure. Success. Tragedy. Triumph. Fear. Faith. It is a story of how one decision can lead you to the life you've always wanted.



"​What you're about to read is the dramatic story of an extreme home (and heart) makeover unlike any you've ever read or watched before. But be forewarned-the story of my young friend and colleague Taurus Montgomery will catch you by surprise and upend the way you think. Maybe even the way you live. It certainly did for me."

-Dwight K. Nelson, Senior Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church

"It has been a long time since I've read a book that I simply couldn't put down. The stories were vivid and intriguing, but the single most fascinating part of this book is seeing it go from trial to triumph! This book is riveting, gripping, and captivating!”  

-Carlos Trimble, former L.A. gang member

"Taurus Montgomery speaks from a burning passion to introduce everyone he meets to the life they have always wanted. His story is RAW, CHALLENGING, and REFRESHING".

David Franklin, TV Host, Let’s Pray!


I could not put this book down! It vividly describes how God can use your circumstances to prepare ANYONE to be on fire for Him.”

Troy Levy, Pastor, Jersey City, New Jersey


"Set on Fire is sure to light a torch in the heart of many youth. If you want to learn how to make the most of life's devastating circumstances and take your life to the next level, then this book is a must read."

-Randrick Chance, #1 Bestselling author of Prayers That Move Heaven, and founder of


“Taurus’ testimony is powerful, practical, and relevant. He communicates the gospel in today’s language!

-Jason North, Youth Director, Lake Region Conference 


"Set On Fire is a powerful story. I felt every emotion reading it. I laughed and cried, but most of all I was deeply inspired as a parent, wife and mother. I thought about my son throughout the entire book, and oftentimes I thought about myself. I felt an overwhelming sense of hope and comfort as I read. This book is a must read for our children, especially our young boys. My son needs this book and your mentorship right now. 

-Elnora Gavin, Parent of a teenage son


"Set on Fire has drama, suspense, hip-hop, emotion, and all the makings of a Hollywood movie. Except it is real. A real unobstructed view into the struggles many are facing eveyday and how God has a purpose for our lives. Inspirational and motivating for all ages."

-Kevin Pride, High School basketball coach


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