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The One Major Difference Between Very Successful People And Those Who Are Not

Sometimes we have experiences that are so amazing that it takes a couple of days to process. That’s why this blog is coming a few days after my time in Chicago where I attended the Average Skill Phenomenal Will Tour with Eric Thomas & Associates. To say that it was powerful is, in the words of Donald Trump, a huuuuuge understatement!

Before I tell you about the event let me give you the backstory of how I met Eric Thomas, aka The Hip-Hop Preacher.

I first met ET when I was a student in undergrad at Oakwood University. He came and spoke to the student body and it was explosive. I felt like running through a brick wall for God after listening to him. If you’ve ever listened to ET, then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, click here.

After it was over, I approached him and asked him if he could give me like five minutes. I wanted to ask his advice on some things I was going through as a student. He told me to meet him at a spot on campus called The Bell Tower in a few hours. A man of his word, he showed up and we chopped it up for a few minutes after he answered my questions and gave me solid advice. After our conversation he asked me to ride with him to go somewhere. I got in the car all happy that I’m riding with the dude who just inspired me and the rest of the students.

Within 10 minutes, we pulled up to LifeWay Bookstore, went inside, and he led me to the section in the store where they sold Bibles and he grabbed this one below and signed it. I still have it and use it today.

I remember saying to myself, Of all the students who was sitting there listening in chapel, this dude pouring into me like this. Long before he was famous, I was like, Man, this dude right here is the real deal!

When I moved to Michigan a few years ago, I told him I would be in his city and he invited me over to his crib. I chilled with him for about 90 minutes. I asked about 1,001 questions. LOL.

So what I’m about to tell you then should be no surprise. But it was still shocking to me.

I hit ET up via text just a few days before the show in Chicago and was like, “ET, man I came to the show in St. Louis, did the VIP, and main event and I had a blast. But I wanted to come to the CHI just to shadow you, kind of behind the scenes. And by the way man I finished my book.”

His reply: “Proud, proud, proud. You can sell the books in Chicago.”

When I get there, guess what I found out: They have never let anyone sell their products at any of their shows. Ever.

I’m like, :-0

So now I’m thinking like, Bruh, this is going to be weird! How am I going to look standing up there with my books at his event. I was happy and nervous at the same time.

During the VIP session ET gave me a huge shout out, highlighted the book, and endorsed it in this video.

Let me conclude with this: I left Chicago feeling humbled, honored, and determined to be my best. But more importantly, I Ieft with three valuable lessons that I want to leave you with:

#1 It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

As I reflect on all of my interactions with ET, I notice that this dude embodies the spirit of the Scriptures which tell us:

  • “Give and it shall be given to you.” Luke 6:38

  • “A generous man will prosper: he who refreshes others shall himself be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25

  • “It is better to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

Question: Are you giving as much as you could be? Are you being selfish with your gifts, talents, and resources? What can you give today to someone that will help elevate them?

#2 Stop Asking and Start Acting

This is what blows my mind about being able to sell my books at ET’s show. I NEVER asked him to let me do that. In fact, it never even crossed my mind. And if it would have crossed my mind, I still wouldn’t have asked! Too often we want the hook up without putting the work in.

Question: What do you need to stop asking for and start acting on?

#3 Execution Increases Opportunities

The truth is that I would have never had this opportunity if I hadn’t executed on my book. There are opportunities that pass us by because we have yet to finish projects we have started! The only major difference between people who are successful and those who are not is consistent execution.

Question: What opportunities are you missing out on because you have not executed?

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