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Why I Finally Started Blogging

One of my friends is a blogger. He’s been at it for like one thousand years or something. He’s been telling me for the longest that, “I NEED to blog.”

I brushed it off.

Then he wrote a book about it called

Man this guy is serious. If you’re a leader you should read it. And when you do you will probably find yourself doing what I’m doing right now, writing your first blog post.

So as I starred at my computer screen for some time trying to figure out what this post would be about, I begin to think about why I am doing this. I came up with three reasons. For now.

So here are three reasons that I finally started blogging:

To Learn

It has been my experience that when I write stuff down I am more likely to remember it. Writing also helps me process things much better than just thinking about it.

To Share

I don’t know everything but I do know some things. I have years of experience in public speaking, teaching people about growing their faith, leadership, and issues impacting urban communities. As I learn I plan to share with you.

To Grow

I like to grow. In every area of life. Spiritual. Mental. Relationships. Etc. And I think growing is the result of learning and sharing. So hopefully we can grow together. With just about everything in life there will be challenges. So I suspect the same when it comes to me blogging consistently. But all things are possible! And I know God will help me be consistent.

Question: Have you ever considered blogging? If you have, what are some of your biggest challenges to being consistent and how do you overcome them?

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