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How Will You Leave Your Mark On The World?

Recently, I have had a few people ask me, "Taurus, why haven’t you been making any inspirational videos lately?"

Good question. Here's the answer.

Over the past year or so I’ve been really reflecting on my life, my purpose, my calling, and the mark I want to make on the world. We don’t have forever to make a difference so I started really thinking about the kind of legacy I want to leave when I’m gone. And being someone who has been called to be a communicator, which is the reason why I write books and give speeches and sermons, I asked myself this question:

Of all the people in the world that I can speak to, who am I called to speak to? If I could spend the rest of my life on this earth just speaking to one group of people, who would it be?

I think you should ask yourself the same questions, especially if you are someone with a message to share with the world. I believe we all have a target group of people that we are called to pour into.

After asking myself that question, I came to this conclusion…Student-Athletes. I’ve always loved sports, played sports, and had hoop dreams of playing professional sports. I remember being in high school thinking to myself that one day I would like to be a high school basketball coach. I really care about young people, especially young Black men who grow up in at-risk communities. Most of us love sports and that’s been a way for me to connect with them on a basic level to help take them to the next level.

I don’t plan to become a high school basketball coach, but I have become a life coach and a mentor. I coach student-athletes— young men and women—on how to develop the character for success. I coach them on developing great leadership skills. At the end of the day, I’m coaching them to LIVE F.I.R.E.D. U.P so they can PLAY FIRED UP.

My vision is to see every student-athlete in the world reach their full potential in school, sports, and life.

I’m launching my new YouTube Channel and it is dedicated to serving past, present, and future student-athletes and coaches.

It’s called Timeout with Coach Taurus with a new video releasing every Tuesday!

So, if you know any student-athletes or Coaches, no matter what sport they’re in, do me a huge favor and share this video with them. Be sure to Like my Facebook Page, Subscribe to My YouTube Channel, Follow Me on Instagram, and be on the lookout for my new books coming soon! Checkout the website and order my book Set On Fire if you’re looking to be fired up for life!

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